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Why Choose Me..


You know you’re getting old when you say “years ago”.. but..

Years ago, a friend said: “Let’s take auto mechanics, we can fix up our cars!”.  At that time in my life, as a young green-behind-the-ears kid, that sounded pretty good (and it sounded good to my junker Chevy van as well).  Boy was I in for a surprise.. you actually had to learn first, oh no!  However, I soon found this very new knowledge very interesting and… rewarding; so that’s how those things work, who knew?!

After exploring all areas of this trade I found it not really for me full-time (it was mainly the busted knuckles).  One thing’s for certain though, I have always done everything myself, but I learned that early on with dad working on the roof or digging a trench for a new sewer line!

I have completely disassembled and re-assembled vehicles from body, frame & chassis to engine, transmission & suspension.  Boats and RV’s too!  You name it, I’ve done it.

Fast forward about 10 or 15 years or so and one day I thought “you know maybe I can use my knowledge to help others on a part-time basis; after all, I did indeed dislike some of the things I’ve had to work on over the years and others do too!  Plus I’ve always been sort of a natural salesman (I even sold cars for awhile) so I definitely wanted to share my knowledge with others!  I have always sought knowledge (b/c once you stop learning you’ve gone as far as you can go right?)

Wow, I must say I have seen some less than good reviews out there for other mobile mechanics and you won’t have those problems with me, I have a reputation to protect (this is my summer business; my regular full-time business is something totally different.. curious?  My other business:  First, just to mention, although my other business is completely unrelated to auto repair it has taught me this: Deliver more than is expected so they call you the next time!  Listen to the customer and take notes, write down their name and follow-up and stay in touch at least once a year!  Use life’s lessons to allow you to take the best approach and be careful to do it right the first time and above all think outside the box, be creative!

But alot of good that does you when you’re sitting on the side of the highway (and I’ve been there)!  For example sometimes a part can be repaired or modified instead of replaced.  I always approach a job from a “what if it were my vehicle” standpoint.  The approach will depend on your situation.  My first focus is to get you squared-away.

If I schedule you, I WILL BE THERE, and in about 30 minutes and I will show up!

And if I can’t do something, I have no problem telling you that it’s beyond my scope.. I won’t agree to take on your job if I don’t know what I’m doing!

Picture with me and my tools coming soon to this page, and I have A LOT of tools.. never not been able to finish a job b/c of tools.



WAVTS (Wichita Area Vo Tech) Back in the good old days when they were still part of USD 259: 1989
Amtech (remember that place?!) Auto Mechanics 1990; Auto Body 1991
Firestone 1992
R&T Body Shop 1993

Boat Restoration Refurbish 1960 Red Fish Chevrolet Van / Diamond RV Demo and Re-Fab Flatbed Truck








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