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By Salmanazar (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons$25 Call Out – $75/hr. – $25 Parts Run

Mobile Car and Truck Repair

Offering onsite mobile car and truck repairs, Emergency Repairs, Less Urgent Repairs Routine and Convenience Repairs in Wichita KS and Sedgwick County to get your ride going again.

WE ARE LOCAL and physically-based in Wichita KS.

We come to you!

TIP: Got an ’04-’08 F-150 w/ 5.4L Triton motor??  I can work on these.

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Emergency Repairs / Roadside Assistance:

$25 CALL-OUT / $75 HOURLY RATE / $25 PARTS RUNS (per store)

Flat Tire Mobile Mechanic Wichita KSTire Change, Flat Tire, Tire Aired Up, Tire Replacement

Estimate: 15 min. (most passenger cars and small trucks)

Larger trucks and vans slightly higher.  We will use your spare.  If your spare is just flat we may be able to air it up.

If you don’t have a good spare we can take your tire to be replaced or patched (if hole isn’t in the side).  We can plug your flat tire.

Tire changed Wichita, Tire change Wichita, Mobile tire change Wichita, Change tire Wichita, Flat tire Wichita, Mobile flat tire repair Wichita, Air up flat tire Wichita, Tire replacement Wichita, Mobile tire replacement Wichita, Tire repair Wichita, Mobile tire repair Wichita.

Shakespeare at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia CommonsJump Start / Dead Battery, Battery Replacement

Estimate: From $10 (most jump starts $10 w/ unimpeded access to the vehicle).

Battery replacement is typically 1/2 hr to remove and 1/2 hour to replace.

Environmentally-friendly disposal available (if you need us to pickup a new battery, most-likely we will need to turn-in the core however).

Jump start Wichita, Mobile jump start Wichita, Car jump started Wichita, Mobile car start Wichita, Dead battery Wichita, battery replacement Wichita, Mobile battery replacement Wichita, Battery charged Wichita, Mobile battery service Wichita.

By Una Smith (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsSerpentine Belt / Drive Belts, Pulleys

Estimate: From $25 (but can take longer depending on vehicle, number of belts or what all needs to be removed).

Sorry but we do not replace timing belts at this time.

Drive belt replacement Wichita, Mobile belt replacement Wichita, Car belt replacement Wichita, Mobile car belt replacement Wichita, Broken belt Wichita, Broken drive belt Wichita, Serpentine belt replacement Wichita, Broken serpentine belt Wichita mobile, Belt pulleys Wichita, Mobile automotive belt replacement Wichita.

Fuel Delivery, Out of Gas, Mobile Mechanic, Wichita KSFuel Delivery / Out of Gas

$10 + actual cost of fuel (Wichita fuel prices), we never up-charge for parts.

5 or 10 gallons available.

Fuel Pump Chevrolet Mobile Mechanic Wichita KSFuel Pump Replacement*

*Select vehicles (if not too many components have to be removed).  In order to best serve all customers we typically do not replace fuel pumps.  We can definitely tell you if the problem is the fuel pump though.  Use our Quick Form

Estimate: From $150 (but can range higher depending on vehicle).

Sorry but we do not replace internal (inside tank) fuel pumps at this time.

Coolant Hose, Heater Hose, Radiator HoseRadiator Hose, Coolant Hose, Heater Hose Replacement

Estimate: From $10 (upper hoses), from $25 lower hoses.

Coolant or distilled water delivery.
Radiator flush and full with environmentally-friendly fluid disposal.
Radiator Back-flush Kits installed.
Radiator Replacement some vehicles approx 1-2 hours.
Radiator Replacement some vehicles.

Sorry but we do not offer water pump replacement at this time (except for a very limited number of vehicles, please inquire).

Alternator Repacement Mobile Mechanic Wichita KSAlternator Replacement

Estimate: From .5-1 hour most vehicles.

Does the engine die when you remove the jumper cables?  Chances are your alternator is bad.

StarterStarter Replacement*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1-2 hours most vehicles.

If your car “clicks” when you try to start it, it might be the starter (could also be the battery.. try a jump start first.

Spark PlugStarting / Spark, Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires

*Some vehicles

Cap & Rotor
Spark Plugs & Wires
Solenoid Replacement (some cars).
Coil Replacement
(most vehicles)
Coil Replacement $25 + Parts.
Solenoid Replacement* from $50-$150 (most cars)
*with some cars, the entire starter must be replaced.
Starter Replacement $150 + Parts.

Brake LinesBrake Lines

Estimate: From 1 hour (includes bleeding that wheel).

Most vehicles have metal lines AND rubber lines.

Bleed BrakesBrakes Bleed Brakes*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From .25-.5 hour per wheel.


Brakes Stuck, Frozen BrakesLoose Broken Brakes, Locked Caliper, Stuck Brakes, Parking Brake*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour.


U JointsU-joints / Broken U Joints*

*Most vehicles

Estimate: From 1 hour.


Hub ChevyHub, Wheel Bearings*

*Most vehicles.  We typically do not replace SPINDLES since that involves removing ball joints.

Estimate: From 1 hour.


Damages may have resulted, every situation different; we have seen some crazy stuff!

For example a gent’s wheel bearing went out (on his 4×4 2009 Chevy), the bearing was in a hub that was part of the rotor assembly attached to the spindle.  The entire hub came apart thus destroying the bearings, damaging the anti-lock brake electrical connection and grinding down the brake pad bracket like an electric grinder (we filed down the burrs, replaced the brake clips and re-greased everything so the pads would slide)!

OBD II Diagnostic, WichitaDiagnostic / Code Reader*

*Most late model vehicles 1990’s on.

Plug-in Hand-held Electronic Diagnostic OBD-II
(equipped late-model vehicles)
General Diagnostic $25 + $25 call-out, $50 total.

Slim JimLock-Out / Slim-Jim Service*/ Unlock Car/ Keys locked in car/ Lost Key

*Cannot open all vehicles. If we cannot unlock your car there is no charge other than $25 call charge.  With older vehicles there is usually not an issue but many late model cars have a “shield” or housing encasing the internal lock mechanism inside the door thus rendering a slim jim useless.  In this scenario we may implement the “wedge method”.


Fluid DeliveryFluid Delivery, Parts Delivery

Estimate: From $10.

Distilled Water, Antifreeze, Coolant, Hydraulic Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Oil, Windshield or Anti-freeze Washer, Fuel.


Less Urgent, Maintenance & Routine Repairs

Headlight Lamp or Tail Light Replacement Tag Light

Estimate: From 1 hour

Power Steering Pump Replacement / Hose Replacement*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: Range from 1-2 hours.

Master Cylinder Replacement*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour.

Bleed Brakes Estimate: 15min per wheel.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Estimate: From .5-1 hour per wheel.

Brake Lines, Wheel Cylinders.

Brake Noise* / Broken Pad, Rotors, Drums, Hardware

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1-2 hours per wheel.

Brakes squeaking: Pads.  Brakes growling: Rotors or Drums are being damaged!  Stop driving ASAP.

Air & Fuel Filter

Estimate: From .25-1+ hour(s).

Air Filter replacement.  Fresh air intakes installed (some vehicles).
Under-hood , in-line and under-car fuel filter replacement.
PCV Valve.

Oil Change

Estimate: .5 hour most cars includes environmentally-friendly fluid disposal.

Oil Change and Oil Disposal $25 + Parts and Fluid.

Transmission Service

Estimate: From 1-2 hours most cars.

Gasket, Fluid and Filter Change.
Drain Plugs installed.
Environmentally-friendly Fluid Disposal.

We do U-Joints too, from 1 hour.


*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour per wheel.

Brake Pads* Disc and Drum
Wheel Cylinders
Brake Calipers
Brake Lines
* Brake Pads should still have some life left. If not, rotor or drum damage may have occurred and you will need your rotor or drum re-surfaced.


*most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour per wheel.


Fuse, Sensor and Relay Replacement*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From .25-1 hour

Minor Electrical

Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Cap & Rotor*

*Most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1-3 hours.


Oil Pan Gasket*

*select vehicles.

Estimate: From 2 hours.


Valve Cover Gasket Replacement*

*select vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour per side.


Rear Differential Fluid Change / Gasket*

*most vehicles.

Estimate: From 1 hour.


Broken Vacuum Lines, Broken Wires, Minor Carburetor Adjustment


Convenience Repairs:

Hub Cap Replacement


Windshield Wipers Replacement


Interior Vacuumed

Estimate: 1 hour

This is a great service (and a heck of a lot better than commercial car wash places… here’s why: When you have your car vacuumed they typically use wide-mouth vacuum hoses and therefore don’t “get into the grooves”.  We use a shop vac with small nozzle to get most everywhere.  Also (optional service) here’s what I do with my truck: Instead of just vacuuming I lay out the floor mats and spray them with the hose using a “fireman’s nozzle”, this removes most dirt; I allow them to dry naturally and they look great.

Other services available:

Interior Shampoo

Seats Removed and shampoo (cleaning is also one of our specialties).

Car Stereo Installation

Estimate: Min 1 hour (with good wiring* and old radio removed)


Perfect for dealers or if you want to sell your car.

*Wiring harness and installation kit req’d (we can provide, most cars).  Head unit only, does not include speakers.

Interior Repairs

Estimate: From .5 hours

Van Cowl Removal
Window Crank Handle Replacement
Window Regulator (some vehicles)
Door Panel Repair or Removal
Seat Cover Installation
Seat Removal & minor seat repair
Accessory Installation
Dash Light Bulb Replacement
Cling removable Window Tint
Minor Under-dash repairs.
Rear-view Mirror Repair / Reattachment
Van Cowl Removal and Replacement from $25.
Window Crank Replacement $10 + Parts.
Window Regulator Replacement from $100 + Parts
Door Panel Removal from $25.
Seat Cover Installation (Bucket) $10 ea.
Seat Removal from $35 ea..
Dash Light Bulb Replacement from $50 then $5 per bulb + Parts..
Cling Window Tint from $35 per side window + Parts,
Windshield Tint Strip $10,
Rear Window $50 Cling Tint.
Rear View Mirror Reattachment $25.
Under-dash repairs and adjustment from $75/ hr.


External Repairs

Estimate: From .5 hours

External Repairs:
Windshield Wiper Replacement
Antenna Replacement
Lens Cover Replacement
Lamp Replacement:
Headlight Replacement
Tail Light Replacement
Tag Light or Back-up Light
Bug Shields Installed
Bras Installed
Front Grill Replacement
Molding Replacement
Hub Cap Replacement

Windshield Wiper Replacement $10 ea. + Parts.
Antenna Replacement $50 + Parts.
External lens Cover Replacement from $10 ea. + Parts.
Headlights from $15 per side + Parts.
Tail Light Bulbs from $25 per side + Parts.
Tag Light Bulb from $10 + Parts.
Back-up Light Bulb from $10 + Parts.
Bug Shield Installation from $75 + Parts.
Bra Installation from $35 + Parts.
Molding Installation New $10 per panel,
Molding Installation Used $25 per panel.
Windshield Wiper Replacement $10 ea. + Parts.
Antenna Replacement $50 + Parts.
External lens Cover Replacement from $10 ea. + Parts.
Headlights from $15 per side + Parts.
Tail Light Bulbs from $25 per side + Parts.
Tag Light Bulb from $10 + Parts.
Back-up Light Bulb from $10 + Parts.
Bug Shield Installation from $75 + Parts.
Bra Installation from $35 + Parts.
Molding Installation New $10 per panel,
Molding Installation Used $25 per panel.



Car Stereo Installation

Estimate: Min 1 hour (with good wiring* and old radio removed)


Perfect for dealers or if you want to sell your car.


Various Springs, Tabs, Clips
Screws / Nuts & Bolts

General Small Spring Replacement $10 ea. + Parts.
Most unlisted repairs from $75/ hr. + Parts.



Service Not Offered Mobile On Call Mechanic, Wichita KSWe do not offer:

>Timing Belts

>Water Pumps

>Internal Tank Fuel Pumps

>Steering or Suspension

>Head Gaskets

>Diesel Engine Repair

😥 Cars That Hate Me:
Nissan 300Z
1993 and up Camaro or Trans Am/Firebird
Toyota MR2
Toyota Previa
Suburu WRX
Chrysler Seabring(96-00)
Most Hondas
Acura NSX
Most Nissan VQ engine
Chevy Beretta, Chevy Corsica
Mitsubishi 3000GT
Some Vans



And most other Light Automotive Repairs and Services




Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

Phones Answered 7 days a week,
Call 6am-6pm (summer hours until 7pm)
(no jobs started near dawn – we do not work at night unless pre-approved).
Cash Only.

Junkers and Junk Cars Hauled Away.
Generator Delivery (rental) Available.
Tow Service Available.

Serving Wichita, KS and Surrounding Areas.

Select Property Clean-up and Haul-away services also available
(Estate, Abandonment, Foreclosure and Eviction Property Clean Up)


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