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Kawasaki Jet Ski Restoration

Post Created October 2014.

1988 Jet Ski 550 Kawasaki Restoration Before, Mobile OnCall Mechanic, Wichita KSHi, this is my first personal water craft, a 1988 Kawasaki Jet Ski.  Picked it up for $25.  I plan a total restoration with everything tended to.  I quickly learned that working on PWC’s is NOTHING like boats!  You need lots of special tools and lots of patience.  You would think that such a small craft would be easy but think again!  For example, 3 things right off:  First, the hull is Sheet Molded Compound “SMC”, not fiberglass, so you must use epoxy resin not polyester.  Second, the motor is about the same size as a typical powerhead on a boat more, but that’s where the similarities end!  Forget about rebuilding the crankshaft yourself.  Third, the jet drive requires lots of knowledge and special tools.  I will call this a “learning experience” and it has already been at least partially rewarding in that I successfully completely disassembled the motor.  In the end I will hopefully gain knowledge to help other Jet Ski owners.

The crankshaft is bad, you can’t even turn the front main bearing.  I will shift focus back to the body while I hunt for a new crank (or a suitable rebuilder) this winter.  Note to self: Approach with caution, the motor can explode with an improperly aligned crankshaft, because of runout.

Take a good look at this photo, you will not believe your eyes when I’m finished!